Smart applications to make your life easier.

For iPad:

PDF Sign

Sign, edit and email or print your PDF documents quickly and easily with PDF Sign for iPad. No need to print, scan or waste paper! Sign and edit unlimited PDFs. Save and store documents in the app for later use. Open documents from email, dropbox and other apps. Copy documents from your PC or Mac or export them back to your computer.

Great for anyone working in law, real estate, finance, education or medical. If you are frequently signing documents, PDF Sign will save you time and paper! Contracts, NDA's, forms, reports.. sign them all legally and safely.

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Private Media Folders

Privately store and view photos, videos and more with Media Folders for iPad. Media Folders is password protected to keep prying eyes out of your private documents. For added privacy you can even create hidden folders for your files.

With Media Folders copying your files to the iPad is faster and easier than ever. Simply drop the files you want into iTunes and the files are instantly copied to Media Folders. Files are transferred using the USB data cable at lightning speed. Move files from the iTunes Share folder into your own private folders so no one can see the files you've moved to your iPad!

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Get some work done with this easy to read, large iPad calculator.

iCalculator for iPad is a multi function calculator with percentage support, a memory function, square root and arithmetic operators.

iCalculator supports both portrait and landscape modes. Look for scientific calculator additions very soon!

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For iPhone and iPod Touch:


Privately store files from your PC or Mac and view them on your iPhone or iPod. Securely password protect and even hide entire folders of your private documents. Import photos and videos directly from the camera or download files with the built in browser. Folders supports viewing most major file types including images, movies (mp4, m4v), PDF, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With Folders you can manage your documents using a web browser on any PC on your WiFi network. Folders also has built in support for unzipping archive files so you can move large numbers of files at once to your iPhone.

Available on iTunes

Folders Pro

The next generation in private file storage. With Folders Pro copying your files to the iPhone is faster than ever. Simply drop the files you want into iTunes and they are instantly copied to Folders Pro. Files are transferred using the USB data cable at lightning speed! As an added bonus, Folders Pro also has a WiFi interface for sharing your files. You can upload and download files with any PC or Mac on your home network without having to sync to iTunes.

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Keep your information secure with SecureNotes the Encrypted Notepad. SecureNotes uses 256-bit AES encryption to securely store all of your notes. The NSA deems AES encryption secure enough to protect classified information up to the TOP SECRET level, the highest security level in the US government. Your notes always remain encrypted on the iPhone and are only viewable upon entering your password. Create as many notes as you wish, and organize them in to folders of related notes.

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Manage your daily transactions with ease. Balance your checkbook, credit card charges, cash expenditures, etc. Export your expenses for use with Quicken, Microsoft Money, Excel and other desktop finance programs.

Featuring: Unlimited accounts, categories and transactions. Directly export account data in OFX, QIF and CSV format. Account backup and recovery. Account reconciliation. Recurring transactions. Password protection. Account Transfers. Memorized Payees. Photograph receipts. Pie graphs and reports to track spending. Password protection. Support for 14 different currencies.

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QuickBank Economy

Introducing QuickBank Economy Edition, the free alternative to QuickBank. In today's economy stretching every penny is important. QuickBank Economy Edition makes it easy by helping you balance your finances without spending a single penny. QuickBank Economy Edition has all the features of QuickBank and is ABSOLUTELY FREE. This version of QuickBank is supported via advertisements shown in the application at the bottom of the screen. Feel free to enjoy all the benefits of QuickBank without any cost, and if you decide to upgrade to the advert-free QuickBank it is only $0.99!

Coming Soon

Big Browser

Browse the web in full screen and download files directly from the web for offline viewing. By using 100% of the screen, Big Browser Plus provides 25-40% more usable browser area compared to Safari. Download movies, photos, music, eBooks, Word, PDF, Powerpoint, and Excel files. Once saved to the device, files can be viewed offline at any time. Files can also be downloaded directly to your Mac or PC via WiFi.

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